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To discuss images you are interested in please contact us by email or call us toll free at 1-877-249-0207

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Pricing for Gallery prints:


Image without frame - matted and mounted

14" x 20.8" $168.00  9" x 13.4" - $138.00
22" x 28" $325.00 15" x 22.3" - $240.00

Click on an image to go to view more artistic photographs for sale. All prints are available framed or unframed in a variety of sizes or licensed for stock.  Print sizes available up to 8' x 8' - please call for prices for custom sizes.  Large prints perfect for restaurants, grocery stores and interior designers' kitchens.

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Pictures of Italy
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"Dear Silver Visions,
Selecting a photo for our Cape house, was indeed difficult. Every one of your photographs shows extreme care and love of the subject matter. "Largo di Garda" from the Italia collection reminds me that there is beauty even when the weather is not perfect. The colors and mood are peaceful and make me feel calm and satisfied with the world. Everyone comments on it as they enter the house. It is truly a work of art. Thank you for the care and attention you show your customers. I look forward to making my next

Lois Camberg
Needham, Massachusetts

"When my partners and I opened our new offices we purchased three photographs from Silver Visions, including a wall-size photograph. Numerous clients have been impressed by the quality and uniqueness of the photographs and I must admit that I still cannot resist staring at them, even after three years. In addition to the extremely high quality of the art work, Robert Kaufman took painstaking efforts to place them in exactly the correct place in the office that would maximize the impact in terms of light, relationship to other items in the room, where clients would be sitting, etc. It was a completely professional job 
and do not think that there is anyone out there who could meet or top the quality of Silver Visions work, responsiveness and thoughtfulness."

Roy Cramer, Esq.
Wellesley, Massachusetts

Call us toll free at: 877-249-0207

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